Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities

The Patient’s Rights

Access to Care
  • Receive services without regard to age, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, sex, national origin or sponsor;
  • Exercise his or her rights without being subjected to discrimination or reprisal.
Respect and Dignity
  • Be treated with consideration, respect and dignity, including privacy in treatment;
  • Be free from all forms of abuse and harassment;
  • Be informed of the services available at the Center.
Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Privacy and confidentiality of all information and records pertaining to the patient’s treatment;
  • Be notified of any breach of his/her protected health information;
  • Request a health plan NOT be informed of any treatment provided that was paid for by him/her personally.
Participation in Care
  • Be fully informed about a treatment or procedure and the expected outcome before it is performed;
  • Receive from his/her physician information necessary to give Informed Consent prior to the start of any non-emergency procedure or treatment or both;
  • Patients are provided, to the degree known, information concerning their diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and prognosis.  When it is medically inadvisable to give such information to a patient, the information is provided to a person designated by the patient or to a legally authorized person.
Advanced Directives
  • Execute an Advanced Directive;
  • Receive information explaining the Center’s DNR Advanced Directive.
Designated Representative
  • Have a person appointed by the State to act on the patient’s behalf if the patient is adjudged incompetent.  If a state court has not adjudged a patient incompetent, any legal representative designated by the patient in accordance with state law may exercise the patient’s rights to the extent allowed by state law.
Refusal of Care
  • Refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and to be fully informed of the medical consequences of his/her actions;
  • Refuse to participate in experimental research.
Pain Management
  • Receive pain management services.
Health Care Professionals
  • Expect that any health care professional providing care maintains the appropriate credentials and is qualified through education and experience to carry out the duties for which he/she is responsible;
  • Expect that all Medical Staff members and employees are covered under an appropriate professional liability policy;
  • Change his/her provider if other qualified providers are available.
  • Be informed of the provisions for after-hours and emergency care
  • When the need arises, reasonable attempts are made for health care professionals and other staff to communicate in the language or manner primarily used by the patient
  • Expect that the marketing or advertising regarding the competence and capabilities of the organization is not misleading
  • Refuse to participate in communications for fundraising purposes
Access to the Medical Record
  • Approve or refuse the release for disclosure of the contents of his/her medical record to any Health Care Practitioner and/or Health Care Facility except as required by law or third-party payment contract
  • Access his/her medical record pursuant to the provisions of the law
  • Refuse disclosure of protected health information regarding psychotherapy and/or for use in marketing
  • Be informed of the charges for services, eligibility for third-party reimbursements and, when applicable, the availability of free or reduced-cost care
  • Receive an itemized copy of his/her account statement, upon request
  • Be assured that all suggestions and concerns will be reviewed and/or investigated by the management team
  • Suggestions, concerns and/or grievances may be filed without fear of reprisal with:

The Patient’s Responsibilities

Provision of Information
  • Provide complete and accurate information to the best of his/her ability about his/her health, any medications (prescription, over-the-counter products, dietary and herbal supplements) and any allergies or sensitivities
  • Ask all questions you may have regarding the treatment provided by the Center;
  • Inform his/her provider about any living will, medical power of attorney or other Advanced Directive that could affect his/her care
Respect and Consideration
  • Be respectful of all the healthcare providers and staff, as well as other patients and the property of others at the Center
  • Keep appointments as scheduled, or advise the Center if the appointment cannot be kept
  • Observe all the Center’s Policies, Rules and Regulations
Treatment Plan
  • Consent by free will to all procedures
  • Contact his/her physician with post-testing questions or concerns
  • Follow the treatment plan provided by his/her provider
  • Tell us if you do not understand procedures or instructions
  • Provide a responsible adult to transport him/her home from the facility and remain with him/her for 24 hours as recommended by his/her physician
  • Provide all necessary information regarding third-party payment sources
  • Accept personal financial responsibility for any charges not covered by his/her insurance