Information for Pediatric Patients

The Ambulatory Surgery Center of Westchester is committed to providing special care for our pediatric patients. Several of our anesthesiologists are Pediatric Anesthesiologists, fellowship trained at children’s hospitals and Board Certified in Pediatric Anesthesiology. In addition, the family waiting area features a clean children’s play area with toys, books and video entertainment.

Parents may be with their child before surgery in a private cubicle with a television and after surgery in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Recovery Room.

Please bring a favorite soft toy or blanket.

For younger patients, one parent may, in many cases, accompany the child into the operating room until the child has fallen asleep.

In order for the parent(s) to focus on their child having surgery, the ASCW recommends that you leave your other children at home with a responsible adult as they are not permitted in the clinical areas and childcare is not available.

Two adults should accompany the child home after surgery – one to care for the child and one to drive the car.

Children over the age of 3 years may follow the Detailed Preoperative Dietary Instructions as listed below:
  • The patient may drink clear liquids after midnight until 2 hours before arrival at the Center.
    Clear liquids include:
    • water
    • ginger ale
    • clear apple juice
    • black coffee or tea (NO milk or NO cream)
Children younger than 3 years of age:
  • The patient may follow his/her regular normal diet until 8 hours before arrival at the ASCW.
  • Formula: The patient may drink formula until 6 hours before arrival at the ASCW.
  • Breast Milk: The patient may drink breast milk until 4 hours before arrival at the ASCW.
  • Clear Liquids: The patient may drink clear liquids until 2 hours before arrival at the Center.
    As listed above, clear liquids include water, ginger ale, or clear apple juice.

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